Saturday, March 18, 2006

Corky J. Barker

Family photos not complete without my steadfast companion, my enduring and best friend, Corky. She turned nine earlier this month and is in superb shape.

Corky's middle name is "Joybringer."

Here's a family picture from a backpacking trip in Ramsey's Draft Wilderness, Virgina:


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Hugh Molotsi said...

Nice photos - I like your blog. Corky's looking really great! I remember when she was just a puppy! :-)


A Planet Reconstituted

Well, who knows if anyone will ever read, know or care, but, nonetheless, here is Kristin's Blog in the domain of Kristin's World.

This is a long overdue reinvention of Kristin's World. Thanks must first go to my mentors and friends, Paul English and Joe Mahoney, for it's first incarnation. Paul for, the solar system that still today hosts Kristin's World, and to Joe for naming said planet.

Yup. That should about do it. My first, and perhaps, yes, last blog entry.