Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pura Vida Vacation

While I was finishing the last two weeks of my tropica biology course, Holli came down to Costa Rica as well for a Spanish language immersion course. After we both finished our studies, we spent an extra week together in Costa Rica just being tourists.

We spend the first few days in Santa Teresa, just north of my last field station at Cabo Blanco. Beach front hotel, lots of hanging out, sleeping, walking around and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! Here are a few pictures from that part of our trip.

On the road to Montezuma, we came across this mega strangler fig

Sunsets at Santa Teresa were spectacular

Holli found this natural, low-tide hot tub

We then moved on to La Fortuna and the volcano Arenal. Holli's favorite part was the natural springs at Baldi. I liked the canopy tour.

View from our room at the Arenal Observatory Lodge

Looking down on vegetation from the canopy tour

Emphasis on most of canopy tours is adrenaline over nature.
Here's me loving every second of it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Index to Costa Rica Entries

As a blog within my blog, I thought it might be helpful to provide an index into all of my entries from Costa Rica. Here they are, in chronological order, grouped by site:

Las Cruces


La Selva

Palo Verde


Cabo Blanco